About us

You Care, We Care!

Being healthy is about living a healthy lifestyle, hence a little step must be taken somewhere..

Yes, we know that you care and no, its not too late!

We, FuelMe provide you healthy meals to bring you a step closer to your healthy-living dream.

We run by six main principles to serve you delightful meals.

FuelMe prepares daily to ensure the freshness and the quality of each of the meal box.

Daily Made

FuelMe chooses suitable cooking oil for different cooking method such as sauteing, grilling and frying.

Cooking Oil

FuelMe uses only fresh protein and vegetables as a healthy meal reflects from its ingredients.

Fresh Ingredients

The richness of the taste comes from natural herbs and spices

Natural Spices

Every meal box comprises of a balanced macro nutrients between protein, fats and carbohydrate

Balanced Macro Nutrient

FuelMe delivers meal box to your doorstep within Jakarta, worry the hectic days no more.

Door-to-door Delivery